After Sales Service Representative

Role Purpose


Bring in new customers, maintain them and achieve their goal.

Job Accountabilities & Activities


Product and Market

  • Knowledge and understanding of the recruitment market and the changes that are taking place.
  • Identify the target (target group) and divide it into the most important and important and below.


Client Visits


  • Prepare the work plan of the daily visit and present it to the responsible director.
  • Set a special appointment since the morning to call and set the appointment and also have to be perfectly tactfully to convince the client of the appointment and not let him evade it.
  • Set a schedule for visits and always place alternatives in case an appointment fails
  • Bidding and follow-up until the issuance of baptism
  • Trying to close the sale on the first visit, so all sales-related papers must be available.


Follow-up and communication


  • Receiving perpendicularity from customers
  •  Follow customers during intermittent periods and maintain the lowest levels of relationship.


Goal Setting


  • Achieving the desired sales target
  • Direct customers towards the product and services provided by the company that the customer does not buy or are not convinced of and try to increase the company’s sales through this directive.


Overall Sales


Do any other related tasks assigned to them by their immediate boss.

Education & Certifications


The educational qualification is not less than high school

Required Years of Experience

One to two years of work experience

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