Business Consultant with Experience in Blockchain & NFT

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    قابل للتفاوض
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    دوام كامل
  • تاريخ النشر:
    8 أشهر مضت
  • التصنيف:
    وظائف التسويق ومبيعات, وظائف تكنولوجيا المعلومات
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    العربية, الانجليزية
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Business Consultant with Experience in Blockchain & NFT

Duration: 9 months

Region: Middle East

Mode: Remote

Daily rate: TBD


For our client, a global leader in TMT management consulting, we are looking for a Business Consultant with Experience in Blockchain & NFT sub-contractor to provide guidance & support on the following topics.

Professional background


  • Identifying a few use cases for internal organization use (client use)
  • Analyzing & benchmarking the potential impact
  • Developing implementation roadmap including timelines & activities, key requirements, risks & mitigations


  • Defining the global industry – key ecosystem components, current & future landscape, current and futuristic key use cases
  • Developing a long list of potential use cases and shortlisting the top 3 based on the highest potential and impact (socioeconomic and environmental) in KSA
  • Developing detailed benchmark case studies of these 3 use cases across 10 countries, including in each:

1. Market size estimation (2022-2030) calculated based on an economical model that includes a detailed methodology, formulas, and assumptions

2. Strategy, initiatives conducted & success stories, key challenges, socioeconomic & environmental impact

3. Government interventions, and required regulations

4. Major global suppliers and their key products/services

5. Technical aspects including connectivity, data, cybersecurity, interoperability, specifications, and platforms

  • Develop a detailed market study for NFT in KSA, including:

1. Demand – Adoption & demand landscape, challenges & opportunities, and areas of enablement

2. Supply – Current supply SWOT analysis, level of maturity of offerings, and potential opportunities & expected growth

3. Present key use cases for the KSA market

4. Recommend initiatives and govt./private sector interventions to enhance local demand & supply, along with a roadmap, timeline, stakeholders, and main asks

5. Recommend initiatives to attract global players and any key challenges

6. Assess GDP contribution and job creation potential in KSA

  • For each of the top 3 shortlisted use cases, undertake the following:

1. Asks across points (iii.) and (iv.) above in the KSA context

2. High-level technical and detailed Business Plan, including any potential incentives

3. Digital Transformation aspects

4. Suppliers, how to choose the right fit?

Additional information:

Project timeline: 9 months

Start date: Approx. early-mid August 2022

Expectations: Expert individual to work as part of the team and undertake the above tasks end-to-end for NFT and Blockchain in a hands-on manner (develop PPTs, undertake Excel analysis, etc.).

An agreement will be made on the required templates in the initial part of the project, as there are quite a few other such technologies in the SoW (which they will undertake separately) so all templates will need to be aligned

Requirements: Expert needs to have experience in Blockchain and NFT across the above topics/requirements as well as maturity to develop the required material/analysis independently

Language(s): Fluency in English is a must; Arabic is a plus

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