Junior Accountant

  • الراتب:
    قابل للتفاوض
  • نوع الوظيفة:
    دوام كامل
  • تاريخ النشر:
    شهرين مضت
  • التصنيف:
    وظائف المحاسبة والمالية
  • آخر موعد للتقدم:
  • اللغات:
    العربية, الانجليزية
  • الجنس:
    ذكر, انثى

Job Description

  • The primary role of this position is to ensure that all financial data and daily transactions, such as records of accounts receivable and accounts payable, are properly documented according to the company’s quality standards and the customers’/principals’ requirements.
  • The primary tasks of this job include:
    • Ensure all financial data is properly recorded on the accounting application
    • Prepare cheques for GAC suppliers in Amman and Aqaba and local online remittances
    • Maintain proper filing of accounting documents, secure all clients and accounting files, and practice communication methods that are in line with GAC Jordan’s administrative procedures
    • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations
    • Prepare customers’ statement of accounts and follow up with them to settle any outstanding balance within their credit terms
    • Monitor the system for the closing of operations jobs and investigate any open jobs on a monthly basis
    • Monitor the outstanding balance for parties and investigate any opened parties on a monthly basis
    • Prepare outward remittances for suppliers’ financial claims on the bank’s website
    • Prepare the weekly accounts receivable report of all outstanding parties with overdue unpaid balances
    • Check and reconcile companies’ statement of accounts to settle any outstanding balance on a monthly basis
    • Prepare any other reports required by the management
    • Prepare monthly report of communication invoices to monitor expenses on mobile services
    • Perform weekly checks on the accounting system to identify any errors on pending invoices and resolve any issues with the relevant department
    • Perform monthly recording of assets
    • Perform yearly verification of physical assets

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
  • Proficient in English and Arabic (Reading, Writing and Speaking)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • 0-1 years of experience
  • Key competencies:
    • Business and financial acumen
    • Attention to quality
    • Behaves ethically and with integrity

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