Logistics Analyst

  • الراتب:
    قابل للتفاوض
  • نوع الوظيفة:
    دوام كامل
  • تاريخ النشر:
    شهرين مضت
  • التصنيف:
    وظائف هندسية
  • آخر موعد للتقدم:
  • اللغات:
    العربية, الانجليزية
  • الجنس:

GOVCIO is seeking an experienced Navy Supply and Logistics Analyst to support our Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) Educational Support Services (ESS) effort. The Navy Supply and Logistics Analyst will provide RSNF personnel with supply and logistics support, guidance, and process improvement recommendations to improve Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for RSNF supply department. These positions are to be supported at three separate locations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Perfect opportunity for prior Navy Supply Officers (SWO) or Logistics Specialists (LS).

Specific Duties/Job requirements

Analyze all areas of RSNF supply, logistics, and service support system organization, policy, procedures, and performance relative to USN supply support to the RSNF, such as provisioning, material acquisition and distribution, transportation, inventory control, storage and custody, and disposal

Review existing RSNF supply management plans, Integrated Logistics Support Program (ILSP) plans, schedules, and procedures pertaining to the supply support of major systems provided by the USG to the RSNF, including the integration of supply support from third country sources

Monitor and maintain RSNF supply systems management plans, schedules, procedures, and the status of the overall supply support posture for ships, aircraft and Marine and Naval Special Security Force equipment and systems

Prepare and deliver supply and logistics reports, studies, briefings, and point papers containing findings/results of analysis, studies and recommendations for updating or modifying RSNF supply, logistics, and service support organization programs, policies, procedures, performance and publications

Support Inventory Control Point (ICP) operations and improvements in acceptance, cataloging, storage, and issuance of parts and consumables

Assist with the supervision, control, and coordination of the ICP Inventory Management Section, to include budget development

Assist the RSNF with planning, coordinating, and monitoring the RSNF Repairable Program.

Analyze RSNF inventory management system programs, policies, and procedures to determine currency, relevance and applicability to current training objectives

Develop, coordinate and deliver inventory management training to expand knowledge and enhance performance of RSNF Inventory Management

Advise the RSNF ICP Director and the RSNF Director of Supply in material management and repairable program matters

Support in RSNF ESS conferences, meetings, and discussions, as required, on matters concerning inventory control and repairable programs.

Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by RSNF ESS Program Manager and Operations Manager

Required Qualifications

Bachelor’s with 2 – 5 years (or commensurate experience of 10 years of Navy Supply/Logistics experience).

Candidate shall possess knowledge of Navy Supply and Logistics theories, policies, principles, procedures, and techniques.

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