Maintenance Technician

  • الراتب:
    قابل للتفاوض
  • نوع الوظيفة:
    دوام كامل
  • تاريخ النشر:
    شهر واحد مضت
  • التصنيف:
    وظائف هندسية
  • آخر موعد للتقدم:
  • اللغات:
    العربية, الانجليزية
  • الجنس:

Job Description
Maintaining the facilities of Hikma-KSA in a state of safe operational excellence through executing, planning, coordinating, and following up on Hikma buildings maintenance, remodelling, renovations and general repairs of plumbing, windows, doors, and other building ground repairs while focusing on overall site integrity.

  • Executing and following up on Hikma buildings general maintenance and repairs such as plumbing, windows, doors, painting and other general building grounds repairs.
  • Planning, scheduling, and coordinating all building maintenance activities, tools, equipment and consumables.
  • Supervising and participating in the preparation and painting of exterior surfaces, as well as interior walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Evaluating plans for new or renovated buildings to ensure efficient and effective maintenance.
  • Coordinating the procuring of all needed supplies with the purchasing function and ensuring maintaining a sufficient inventory of consumables and spare parts.
  • Supporting and following up on building general remodeling and renovation work.
  • Following up contractors and subcontractors’ negotiations and ensuring contracts compliance with set safety and quality standards.
  • Inspecting and evaluating the conditions of all Hikma buildings regularly to ensure maintaining high standards of all Hikma facilities.
  • Makes suggestions; offering potential solutions when identifying a problem, independently seeks new opportunities and learns new skills.
  • Communicates effectively with all organizational levels; in written and orally, also detects and discerns underlying meanings.
  • Performing other duties related to the job as assigned by the direct supervisor.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Ability to work shift system.


  • Continuously seeks to develop himself and broaden knowledge and skills.
  • English language able to read and write fluently and accurately in all styles and forms of the language on any subject as well as those pertinent to professional needs.
  • Computer skills, possesses advanced skills in using job related applications, Office applications, and other relevant programs, as well as the advanced functions of the internet.
  • welding skills.
  • Documenting / Recording information
  • HSE Policies & Procedures
  • Policies, Procedures & Work methods
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Initiative & Drive for Results
  • Technical Support & Troubleshooting.


  • Diploma degree in HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical
  • Minimum Experience: 0-2 years in pharmaceutical companies or relevant experiences.

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