Pharmacy Specialist

  • الراتب:
    قابل للتفاوض
  • نوع الوظيفة:
    دوام كامل
  • تاريخ النشر:
    شهرين مضت
  • التصنيف:
    وظائف طبية
  • آخر موعد للتقدم:
  • اللغات:
    العربية, الانجليزية
  • الجنس:

Basic Function

Pharmacy Specialist functions and responsibilities include the following but not limited to:

  • Provides comprehensive disease management therapeutic recommendations
  • Provides tailored specialized therapeutic regimens using Pharmacovigilance, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics principles shall
  • Serves as pharmacotherapeutic resource for the organization in the area of specialty
  • Leads the implementation the latest advances in pharmacy practice utilizing evidence-based therapeutic guidelines
  • Participates specialty patient care rounds with medical staff for optimizing therapeutic outcomes
  • Serves as preceptor/mentor for residents and pharmacy students
  • Adheres to highest ethical standard, maintain integrity of patients, guide’s interactions with patients and other professionals for best management and outcomes.


The Pharmacy Specialist provides comprehensive disease management utilizing evidence-based therapeutic guidelines and the latest advances in pharmacy practice. He/she will develop and provide an individualized pharmaceutical care plan with tailored specialized therapeutic regimens using Pharmacovigilance, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics principles along with, Pharmacogenomics information for optimal and cost-effective patient care. He/ She will participate in selected specialty patient care rounds with medical staff for optimizing pharmacotherapeutic outcomes.

Principal Contacts

INTERNAL: Frequent contact with Pharmacy personnel, physicians, dentists and nurses. Occasional contact with other areas such as medical customer services, quality improvement, maintenance and security etc for operational needs.

EXTERNAL: Occasional contact with patients for medication related problems. Answers specific drug information questions for Saudi Aramco non-medical personnel.

Principal Duties

  • Develops and maintains specialize clinical practice with a patient care service, cooperating with medical and nursing personnel to optimize the pharmacotherapeutic aspects of patient care.
  • Assess and evaluate pharmacological and non-pharmacological needs and provides optimal selection of pharmacologic agents
  • Develops regimen to maximize therapeutics benefit and minimize toxicity.
  • Evaluates pharmacotherapy management for specialized patients and provides daily follow-up on the clinical effects of the regimen to achieved desired outcomes.
  • Applies Pharmaceutical Care to provide optimum medication-related patient outcomes.
  • Individualize medication regimen using sound principles, accounting for pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic variations in drug therapy.
  • Rounds in the inpatient and/or outpatient specialty areas with direct patient care contact and discuss with physicians and nursing as to the appropriateness of pharmacoutilization.
  • Provides drug and clinical information to other healthcare professionals.
  • Develops pharmacotherapy protocols for specialized diseases, utilizes pharmacoepidemiologic data to conduct routine prospective Drug Utilization Evaluation’s;
  • Document pharmacotherapeutic interventions on a daily basis and submit a monthly quantitative and qualitative analysis report to the area head.
  • Provide specialized didactic and practical education to other healthcare professionals.
  • Provide education and counseling services for general and specialized patients.
  • Participate in Staff development competency programs.
  • Participate in local and international peered review publications.
  • Participates in performance improvement initiative via intra- and inter- departmental committee.
  • Provides visual, spoken, and written clinical education and training to pharmacy students, pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, and residents.
  • Provides written communications of the clinical interventions in a timely manner. This includes but not limited to documentation in patient chart, entries into monitoring forms etc.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor or designee.


  • Recognized Pharm-D degree by Saudi Arabia or equivalent along with Board Certification in Pharmacy Specialties (BCPS) and 7 years of related work experience, Residency is preferred; OR
  • Recognized Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy by Saudi Arabia or equivalent along with BCPS and Master’s in Administration and 10 years of work experience
  • Minimum of 3-year experience for expatriates (licensure requirements).

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Licensed or eligible to be licensed to practice pharmacy in Saudi Arabia.
  • Must be experienced in the following areas not limited to: Pharmacotherapeutic disease management; Pharmacoutilization management; Evidence-based medical management; Medication trials data evaluation; Drug monograph reviews.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Publication in international peered review journals.
  • Knowledge of Saudi Arab laws and regulations is preferred.


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