Recruitment Senior Specialist ​

Job Purpose:

Jobholders at this level are capable of operating with minimal supervision. They work within guidelines and procedures in order to prepare more complex, specialized or ad-hoc reports in their related field. They contribute to the completion of milestones or operational targets within the assigned functional area.

They undertake operational activities including sourcing candidates via CV screening, conducting interviews and assessments, shortlisting candidates, communicating with relevant internal and external stakeholders to keep the candidate and the vacancy databases updated.

Job Qualifications and Requirements:

  • A minimum of 2 years of relevant experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, Business Administration, or equivalent is required

Roles And Responsibilities:

  • Review recruitment/sourcing plan, methodology, and targets based on ZATCA’s manpower needs and allocated budget and support in the selection of internal and external channels when needed
  • Create employment requisitions in line with recruitment/sourcing plan, secure approvals, and conduct meetings with business to gather position requirements
  • Liaise with respective recruitment channels for job posting and coordinate with headhunting agencies for needed support with recruitment activities
  • Maintain and frequently update potential candidate database to keep track of all applicants and their recruitment status
  • Support in the CV screening/shortlisting of applicants whilst ensuring alignment to predefined selection criteria as well as with ZATCA job and qualification requirements and standards
  • Conduct phone screening and first interviews for related positions, and clarify expectations and job responsibilities to candidate
  • Set up the interviews for potential candidates, send invitation assessments, conduct assessments, and follow up with selected candidates to complete the sourcing process
  • Conduct reference checks as guided by the sourcing policy and collect candidates’ documentation upon final selection decision to maintain files and documents as per set policies
  • Coordinate/Liaise with upper management throughout the interview process while interviewing applicants for senior/managerial positions
  • Ensure rejected or unqualified candidates are notified and have received apology letters accordingly and notify selected candidates of final decision
  • Analyse internal recruitment assessment results, and accordingly select best suitable applicant for the respective vacancy
  • Maintain and frequently update vacancies database to keep track of filled and vacant positions

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