Risk Analytics Lead Specialist


Jobholders at this level are experienced professionals capable of conducting work with general directions. They are primarily concerned with developing solutions to challenges which require some analysis to understand and resolve, and addressing issues escalated from junior levels.

They undertake complex operational activities including developing detailed plan and related guidelines, setting collection methodology of data, developing algorithms, establishing predictive model, monitoring risk behaviour of related stakeholders and developing accordingly corrective and preventive action plan.


  • Conduct research and benchmark studies highlighting market latest trends and international best practices applicable within ZATCA to set proper planning and ensure effective risk modelling
  • Develop and communicate data-driven roadmap with related stakeholders to align analytics objectives with ZATCA’s strategy and directions
  • Set detailed plan and related guidelines for proper development of mathematical and statistical models to assist ZATCA in identifying and selecting high-risk taxpayers, passengers, importers, exporters, brokers, etc. and minimize revenue leakage
  • Develop quality assurance framework while leveraging best practices to ensure proper and standardized monitoring process
  • Identify new risk methodologies and approaches applicable within ZATCA and in line with risk and compliance strategy to reflect needed improvement on risk engines
  • Develop collection methodology of data and needed information and set accordingly strict protocols to safeguard the reliability of extracted information and integrity of data sources
  • Identify internal and external data sources to collaborate with relevant stakeholders for insights generation, capturing new behaviors from taxpayers, passengers, importers, exporters, brokers, etc. ensuring efficient information sharing
  • Assess data gathered to analyze and identify new patterns pertaining to nature, size, sector, and type of taxpayers and importers
  • Develop algorithms to minimize risk exposures and complement traditional risk analytics with machine learning to spot unidentified patterns and optimize fraud / evasion detection
  • Establish a predictive model using machine learning algorithms to assess taxpayers and traders’ complex data sets and forecast accordingly untapped risk areas
  • Develop interactive dashboards to monitor the risk behavior of stakeholders including but not limited to taxpayers, passengers, importers, exporters, and brokers and inform relevant teams for proper action
  • Review risk engines business rules, flags, models strike rates and accuracy to identify any inefficiencies and enhancement opportunities
  • Conduct quality assurance reviews regularly on developed models to assess performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Develop corrective and preventive action plans based on performance assessment outcomes and ensure proper implementation
  • Follow all relevant policies, processes and standard operating procedures so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner
  • Help in solving escalated problems and provide needed support for junior team to ensure work is carried out in an efficient manner
  • Escalate complex problems to the relevant person to ensure cases/issues are closed properly
  • Perform other duties as requested

Job Qualifications And Requirements

A minimum of 4 years of relevant experience

Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Information technology, or equivalent is required

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