Senior Livelihood Advisor at Diakonie

  • الراتب:
    قابل للتفاوض
  • نوع الوظيفة:
    دوام كامل
  • تاريخ النشر:
    شهر واحد مضت
  • التصنيف:
    وظائف المنظمات, وظائف تكنولوجيا المعلومات
  • آخر موعد للتقدم:
  • اللغات:
    العربية, الانجليزية
  • الجنس:
    ذكر, انثى


The position of Senior Livelihoods Advisor at the DKH Regional Office for West and Central Asia (DKH RO Asia) will be a key technical position to strengthen DKH RO Asia’s programs and technical expertise on livelihoods standards and practices. The position’s objective is to streamline and harmonize programming, assessments, and standards for project cycle management and MEAL tools on Livelihoods. This may involve the development of standardized tools and guidelines (assessment, monitoring, best practices) as well as in-house training to ensure the streamlining of Livelihood components across DKH RO Asia’s country programs.

The consultancy will be an output-based position, initially around three (3) months duration, focusing on responsibilities under Sections 1&3 below, whereafter there is a possibility for a longer-term engagement in a technical advisory role with DKH RO Asia office (Sections 2&3).

The role would ideally require frequent travel to Amman, Jordan, but the possibility of remote work can be discussed (considering Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and travel possibilities).


Working under the supervision of DKH Regional Coordinator for West and Central Asia and in close collaboration with DKH Country Program Coordinators, the Senior Livelihoods Advisor is responsible to fulfil the following tasks:

Streamlining DKH programs in the West and Central Asia region.
o Identify trends, developments, and best practices of Livelihoods Programming in DKH program countries.

o Produce a Handbook/ Toolkit based on technical guidelines to ensure streamlining Livelihoods components into DKH RO Asia’s programs.

o Develop tools as required to incorporate technically sound Livelihoods components into DKH’s programs.

o Recommend modalities/strategies to mainstream Livelihoods components to update existing DKH Strategy and country programs.

2. Technical Support throughout DKH RO Asia’s project cycle /supporting country portfolios:

2.1 Program design, assessments, project implementation, and MEAL.

o Provide advice on integrating Livelihoods component into programs (activities, modalities, amount, indicators, risks, etc.).

o Develop or tailor Livelihoods-related indicators and monitoring tools.

o Ensure Livelihoods-related activities, indicators, and relevant tools are streamlined across the programs.

o Conduct mid-term/final evaluation of Livelihoods activities of DKH RO Asia programs.

o Design/Conduct assessments and evaluation of Livelihoods programming.

2.2 Technical support to design, adapt, and/or improve partner’s Livelihoods tools.

o Identify and review DKH partners’ existing tools in Livelihoods and provide recommendations for improvement.

o Ensure that the quality standards.

o Identify and adopt Livelihood existing toolkits to local partner’s needs and the local context when needed.

o Based on the existing literature review and evidence map, design Livelihood practical guidance notes specific to partners’ sectors of intervention.

2.3 Promote best practices and knowledge sharing within the region.

o Identify/Map best practices in Livelihoods programming in DKH program countries.

o Document DKH RO Asia’s/partners’ lessons learned and good practices.

o Identify and disseminate relevant research/training opportunities for partners.

o Update and build the Livelihood section of the existing technical library and evidence map.

3. Capacity building:

In close cooperation with the DKH RO Capacity Building Program Coordinator:

o Assess capacity building needs on livelihood programming of DKH RO Asia and partners, if needed.

o Integrate a livelihood analysis component into DKH’s new “Capacity Building in Asia” program.

o Design content and deliver in-house training for DKH RO Asia staff on livelihoods programming standards and approaches, tools.

o Provide continuous technical guidance to DKH RO Asia staff, including on design and mainstreaming of Livelihoods-related components into programming and assessments.

o Facilitate workshops, training for NGO staff or other stakeholders, as necessary


· At least 5 years of experience in similar positions/experience (program support, field-experience, technical skills) including a variety of livelihood programming/modalities, including advocacy and policy, mainstreaming, and providing technical support to program development.

· University degree (or comparable work experience) in a relevant field (ex. Humanitarian assistance, food security, economics, development, or related subject).


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