Senior Principal Mechanical Engineer

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    قابل للتفاوض
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    دوام كامل
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    8 أشهر مضت
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    وظائف هندسية
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    العربية, الانجليزية
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Job Overview:

Perform conceptual, FEED, and detailed analysis and design as per design basis, project specifications, design codes and standards. Develop creative and innovative solutions that are reliable and cost effective for problems and challenges when they arise.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Perform conceptual, FEED, and detailed analyses and design as per design basis, project specifications, design codes and standards.
  • Develop creative and innovative solutions that are reliable and cost-effective for problems and challenges when they arise.
  • Apply expertise to the most complex problems.
  • Manage own time to meet objectives, and (as Lead Engineer) forecast and plan resource requirements.
  • Develop and manage plans to achieve business objectives.
  • Clearly communicate and explain highly complex ideas and anticipate potential objections; influencing outcomes.
  • When acting as Lead Engineer, in addition:
    • Direct large Mechanical Engineering team as a Lead Engineer.
    • Lead the Discipline engineering design of the assigned work area and complete within planned schedule and budget, in accordance with standards, MDR and project-specific procedures and to a high professional standard.
    • Plan, organize and direct all aspects of Discipline execution on the assigned project including scope, deliverables, schedule and all manpower resources – agree allocations with the Discipline Manager.
    • Ensure interfaces and deliverables are clearly identified.
    • Maintain responsibility for progress and productivity, identifying any required corrective action.
    • Act as project representative for the Discipline during meetings with Project Team, Customer discipline lead and relevant agencies such as certifying authorities, auditors, third parties, etc.
  • Become fully familiar with the project scope of work, specifications, schedule and all inter-discipline requirements; including identifying concerns as early as practicable and taking appropriate initiatives to address the issues. Interpret contractual requirements as they relate to engineering execution.
  • Identify changes to scope and promptly raise change notifications, including providing any necessary supporting documentation and estimates. Provide similar support for Variation Orders.
  • Interface with all disciplines to develop clash free designs.
  • Interface with other departments to obtain input for Discipline designs and drawings.
  • Maintain close co-ordination with other engineering disciplines, Planning, Fabrication, Marine, and Project Management Team, as required.
  • Document substantive communications (communications that result in significant decisions or assignment of actions) and forward copies to Discipline Lead Engineer and Discipline Manager.
  • Prepare estimates for bid proposals, including technical query reviews, execution statements and manhour estimates, identifying software requirements and any other project-specific requirements.
  • Raise technical queries to obtain missing information, clarify work scope, and to maintain preferred McDermott procedures, specifications, standards, practices and operational requirements.
  • Prepare, review, and (as Lead Engineer) approve Discipline engineering design basis, philosophies, and technical specifications.
  • Participate in finalizing deliverables lists and deliverables, ensuring compliance with specifications and functional integrity.
  • Review ro
  • ect schedule and fabrication schedule in relation to construction se uence, milestones,and engineering scope.
  • Attend project kickoff and review meetings, vendor meetings, engineering meetings and offshore site surveys, as required.
  • Provide technical direction and review of Designers producing products related to Mechanical Engineering.
  • Prepare, review, and (as Lead Engineer) approve design reports and procedures.
  • Assist in providing necessary design inputs to other disciplines to enable them in proceeding with their deliverables.
  • Assist procurement personnel in procuring Discipline equipment, materials and services; ensuring that work produced complies with Customer objectives and procedures. Procurement assistance includes preparing, reviewing, and (as Lead Engineer) approving requisitions, evaluating technical quotations and preparing queries, compiling bid tabulations and recommendations, preparing purchase requisitions, and coordinating with Procurement to expedite vendor documents, as directed by Discipline Lead Engineer.
  • Assist in updating weight report based on receipt of vendor information.
  • Review and (as Lead Engineer) approve vendor and subcontractor submittals, checking for compliance with project specifications and providing comments as necessary.
  • Review and (as Lead Engineer) approve design verification through single-discipline check / interdiscipline check (IDC).
  • Provide technical support to fabrication queries, including identifying defect / rectification requirements.
  • Keep the Discipline Manager and Project Management Team apprised of all activities and concerns, technical, budgetary and manpower related.
  • Assist in providing inputs for actual, planning and forecasting progress reports including associated productivity.
  • Check final subcontractor and vendor data manuals to ensure that all requested data has been received and approved.
  • Present issues and problems to Customers in a timely manner and assist Lead Engineer in negotiating resolution in accordance with project and company requirements.
  • Perform (as required) Technical Quality Audit reviews in accordance with MDR Global Procedures.
  • Assist Lead Engineer with responses to Customer and other agencies (such as certifying authorities, auditors, third parties, etc.) on their review and approval.
  • Capture lessons learned and enter into MDR’s Lessons Learned system.
  • Capture Knowledge Objects and enter into MDR’s system.
  • Provide leadership, mentoring and guidance to other Engineers.
  • Supervise and guide assigned engineers and coordinate with project Lead Designers for Discipline engineering and design deliverables.
  • Assign personnel to analysis and design tasks based on knowledge of individual strengths and capabilities.
  • Monitor costs of own work processes.
  • Evaluate costs associated with products and solutions.
  • Assist in the maintenance of departmental technical guidelines and standard calculation notes.
  • Participate in development and maintenance of Global Procedures, Software, and Standards.
  • Incorporate approved Lessons Learned into MDR Level 2 & 3 engineering procedures, as applicable.
  • May participate in standards development committees or task groups such as API.
  • Recognized as having good communication and presentation skills (e.g., published technical papers are clearly written, actively participates in conferences and/or seminars, and/or is a capable presenter of design solutions or topics at “lunch and learns”; etc.).
  • Assist Department Manager in identifying departmental needs including development of personnel and technical capabilities.
  • Participate in McDermott forums and represent McDermott as a subject matter expert (SME).
  • Provide information on employee performance to the Discipline Manager.
  • Assist Discipline manager in interviewing job applicants.
  • Participate in Factory Acceptance Testing of various items, as assigned.
  • Identify and coordinate vendor assistance for installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning purposes.
  • Update electrical load list, P&lDs, and equipment lists based on receipt of vendor information.
  • Participate in HAZOP meetings, as necessary.
  • Participate in 3D model reviews, as necessary.
  • When acting as Lead Engineer, in addition:
    • Act as project-based Discipline point of contact in communications and meetings with Customer counterparts.
    • Ensure substantive communications are documented.
    • Prepare bid’s and project’s Discipline engineering budget and execution plans, updating as required.
    • Identify project staff needs based on knowledge of individual engineer’s skill sets and provide requests to the Discipline manager.
    • Plan, organize and assign tasks, responsibilities, and manhour budgets to the discipline team, and verify tasks are completed within budgets.
    • Plan Discipline Level 4 detail deliverable schedule/ register compliant with the overall execution plan.
    • Prepare working forecasts identifying change management plans, corrective action and realtime schedule.
    • Provide Discipline inputs for actual, planning and forecasting progress reports including associated productivity.
    • Alert project team of any deviation from the scope or a need for change order.
    • Monitor KPI measurement results, and take corrective action as necessary to improve Discipline performance, including performance at interfaces with others.
    • Coordinate with other Discipline Lead Engineers and Designers to ensure timely receipt of necessary design inputs.
    • Review and approve requisitions, technical quotation evaluations and queries, compiled bid tabulations and recommendations, and purchase requisitions; and coordinate with Procurement to expedite vendor documents as required.
    • Lead the Discipline team during project audits (internal, Customer and third party technical audits) and Design Reviews.
    • Review comments from Customers & other agencies on documents and drawings produced by the team, and resolve and give guidance on their update and incorporation.
    • Assist Discipline manager in the preparation of quarterly forecasts and manpower planning.
    • Anticipate project engineering needs and plan accordingly.
    • Coordinate with vendor for discipline managed/procured items.
    • Assist Discipline manager and Project Engineering Manager or Project Manager in Performance Evaluation of project team members.
    • Check and Approve Mechanical equipment list, spare parts list, special tools list.
    • Check and Participate in Approval of detailed engineering documents / deliverables such as:
      • Mechanical Equipment Specifications and datasheets.
      • Mechanical handling philosophy report and associated requisitioning for handling equipment.
      • Noise report prepared by Consultant to ensure it complies with Project requirements
      • Lubrication schedule, spare parts schedule.

Essential Qualifications and Education:

  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering or in similar Engineering field
  • 14+ yrs in oil and gas with major contractor or consultant predominantly performing detail design of offshore facilities
  • Detailed knowledge of design techniques and analysis methods, and detailed knowledge of the theory, content and application of standards, codes and guidelines as applicable for offshore. Knowledgeable in project coordination and execution skills. Recognized across company as a key lead, highly innovative designer, or highly skilled analyst

Preferred/Desired Qualifications and Education:

  • Master Degree is Preferred
  • Preferably Registered Professional Engineer or member of professional engineering society

Company Overview and Core Values:

McDermott is a premier, fully-integrated provider of technology, engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry. For more than a century, customers have trusted McDermott to design and build end-to-end infrastructure and technology solutions—from the wellhead to the storage tank—to transport and transform oil and gas into the products the orld needs today.

At McDermott, we hold all employees accountable to follow our 5 core values.

  • Integrity – we maintain a firm adherence to legal and ethical conduct
  • One Team – we are one company, where everyone is equally important
  • Go Beyond – we seek courageous and creative solutions
  • Well-Being – we promote all forms of well-being
  • Commitment – we are reliable and dependable in delivering quality solutions

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